Bet Angel Review – Best Trading Software for 2020?

Bet Angel review - ladder
Bet Angel Ladder interface

Bet Angel Review – Is it the best Betfair trading software?

I thought it would be a good idea to review the software and tools I use in applying my craft. One of the best value pieces of kit you need is a subscription to Bet angel. In this Bet angel review, I take a detailed look at the features that make it my goto trading software.

This review should take no more than 7 minutes to read, grab yourself a coffee and enjoy. If you have any recommendations for future posts, shoot me a message on Twitter and ill do my best.

This review is totally unbiased and contains no affiliate links to Bet Angel.

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Bet Angel Review – What is Bet angel?

Bet Angel is a software program that enables you to access the Betfair API directly. There are many advantages of this, including faster bet placement, advanced charting, fully customisable betting displays and much much more!

It is a long-standing software application and has been around since the mid-noughties. The founder, Peter Webb is very active on social media and still trades to this day. He re-invests a big proportion of the companies profits into constantly developing the software.

There are now four versions of the software. Bet angel basic, Bet angel trader, Bet angel professional and Bet Angel for Betdaq. For the purpose of this review, I will be reviewing the Betangel professional version.

Bet Angel Review – How much does Bet angel cost?

As I have mentioned above there are different versions of the software, the power and features in each version are reflected in their prices.

Bet angel Basic – This is the entry-level of the software family, this version is FREE, however, the features are, as the name suggests, basic.

Bet Angel Trader – 1-year licence is £60, a 3 Month licence is £18 and a one month licence is £6

Bet Angel Professional –

Bet angel Review - Professional Price

Bet Angel for Betdaq – This version is also FREE and is only compatible with Betdaq.

Bet Angel Review – Grid interface

The Grid or ‘One-click’ interface shows all the selections in a market and allows you to place a bet with a single click. It is similar to the Betfair screen you will see on the Betfair website. The main advantage is the Betfair website updates every few seconds whereas the grid on Bet angel can update up to fifty times a second.

My favourite feature of the grid interface is the ability to use custom columns, these are buttons that you can pre-program to perform specific tasks on a click. For example, A custom column does simple tasks like placing back or lay bets too much more complex tasks like starting or stopping automation servants.

Custom columns can also be used to display additional information like the highest traded price, lowest traded price and other helpful information. They are also easy to edit and set up in the custom column editor.

Global setting can also be used in the grid interface. These are selectable from the top-left drop-down box on the software. These allow you to perform advanced trades like fill/kill orders, offset bets and stop losses. A must for any serious trader.

Bet Angel Review – Ladder interface

The Ladder interface is the interface I use on a daily basis. It shows a lot more information which is pivotal to my success as a Tennis trader on Betfair. The main advantage for me is I am able to see most of the full market depth and visualise market moves with ease.

The infographic below shows you what each of the features of the ladder does in Bet Angel professional.

Bet Angel Review – Bookmaking

Bookmaking on Betfair is made a whole lot easier using the Bet Angel bookmaking tab. Essentially allowing you to become a bookmaker and lay bets into the exchange.

Using this function is fairly advanced and should only be used once you are 100% sure you know what you are doing and understand the mechanics and rules of the markets.

The features of Bet Angel dutching tab allow you to stake by stake, stake for a target profit or stake with a minim stake. For me, I personally always lay by stake as it ensures I won’t overexpose myself or get into a position where I don’t have the funds available in my account to place the desired bets.

You can also change the odds you are placing the bets at to either the current back price, the current lay price or a manual price. It is always a good idea to offer bets to the market whilst bookmaking so my choice of odds is the current back price. 99% of the time if you lay at the current lay price you will lose money.

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Bet Angel Review – Tennis trader

Tennis Trader is a tennis profiling tool for use with in-play tennis betting and trading on Betfair. This feature is what I rely on to frame trades and establish whether the current risk to reward ratio apply in a certain situation.

The scoring system in tennis is dynamic in that every point, or almost every point in a match will result in a change in price in the market. Tennis Trader lets you frame trades so you can work out how many times you need to be right to make money long term in the tennis markets.

It uses the Betfair scores API to pull in the current live scores and through comparing its model to the current price it lets you know the predicted prices for each player if they are to win the next point, win the next two points, win the current game and win the current set.

You can also set your own custom scenarios by adjusting the number of sets, games and points and you can see the predicted results. A top tip is to recalibrate tennis trader every few games. This ensures the model is as accurate as can be.

Also included in Tennis Trader is the game and set matrix. You can see below on the game matrix, how the model predicts each player’s odds will change.

Tennis Trader Game Matrix

Bet Angel Review – Soccer mystic

Soccer Mystic is a football profiling tool, It is similar to the tennis trader tool in that it helps you frame trades and work out if your risk to reward ratio is good enough to enter and exit trades.

It is particularly good for profiling over and under goals markets and can be of great help identifying value positions and market over or underestimations.

I’ll leave this one to peter to explain in more detail in the video below.

Top tip – Subscribe to the Bet Angel youtube channel for weekly videos! They always add value in one way or another.

Bet Angel Review – Automation

Bet Angel is heads and shoulders above the competition when it comes to automating trades. There is a feature within bet angel called guardian that can monitor and trade on multiple markets at the same time.

This means even the smallest of an edge can be traded automatically as you don’t need to tie up your time manually monitoring and pressing buttons. That being said it is very hard to find edges that can be exploited in this way.

If you head over to the Bet Angel forum, there is a regular poster who has shared multiple Automation files that you can easily change and adapt in the Automation setting area of the software. You can access them HERE

Creating an automation rule in Bet Angel may seem daunting at first but once you get the hang of it it really is a walk in the park.

Whether you want to create simple rules like placing a bet if certain conditions are met or if you want to create very complete rules that monitor multiple indicators and only strike when the stars align, all is possible in guardian.

In recent releases, the inclusion of signals and stored values have really opened up the door to almost anything. You can even link the software to an excel spreadsheet and have Bet Angel trade using historical data.

Download Bet Angel today and you can have a play around for the first month for free.

Bet Angel Review – Servants

Servants are similar to Automation files and can be triggered using custom columns and keyboard shortcuts. In my opinion, servants are the cross over between manual trading and fully automated trading.

Again there are a host of shared files on the Bet Angel forum, everything from splitting up your trade entries to managing your trade exits.

Bet Angel Review – Coupons

Bet angel coupons are a relatively new addition to the software, they are basically a way to display multiple markets that you can display at the same time. This feature is particularly helpful when trading at busy times like grand slam events or a busy Saturdays football.

Take a look at the video below from the Bet Angel youtube channel. Peter Webb does a much better job at explaining this feature than I do!

Bet Angel review – Filters

Filters are also a new feature that was added to Bet Angel professional during 2019. I don’t currently use them as I only add specific markets that I am interested in however I’m sure some readers may find them useful.

Again, Peter does a better job of explaining them in the video below!

Bet Angel Review – Forum

The Bet Angel forum is a hive of activity. There are hosts of helpful people that may be able to help you if you have any issues with the software. You can join the forum for free and once your account is verified, you will be able to comment and start new threads.

My top tip for the forum is to use the search tool, If you have a question there is a very good chance someone in the bet angel community has asked it before. Rather than starting a new thread, you may find the answer you are looking for on an older one.

I strongly urge you to sign up to the forum and you can do that by visiting You have nothing to lose in doing so and a lot to gain in free knowledge and experience.

Bet Angel Review – Conclusion

In conclusion, for me, Bet angel is a steal price. For less than 50p a day you have full access to all the features I have mentioned here. Along with access to the biggest Betfair trading community on the internet, full access to support staff, a host of videos and tutorials, access to a lot of the content on and much more.

I hope you have taken some value out of this Bet Angel review and I would like to thank you for getting this far!

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