Betfair 2 Step Authentication – Act Now!

Betfair 2 step authentication
Betfair 2 step authentication

Betfair 2 Step Authentication

Recently a thread popped up on Twitter from Betfair trader. As you can see from the series of tweets below, they had a very unfortunate situation occur.

Somebody managed to hack into this users Betfair account and then proceed to transfer their account balance to another account. They would have done this by simply offering lay money at 1.01 on events that are very unlikely and then backing them with the breached account.

On this occasion, the Betfair team acted swiftly in blocking the hackers’ withdrawal. I must stress that there have been many more similar stories where people haven’t been so lucky!

Betfair 2 step authentication – What is it?

It is a process that uses the google authenticator app in conjunction with your Betfair account and smart phone. It essentially adds another layer of security to the login process.

It is easy to set up, take a look at the video below. It is fairly old but still relevant and should guide you through the process. If you use API applications you will need to watch both videos.

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Trading sports markets is hard enough without having to worry about losing everything in your trading bank to hackers.

If you take anything from this blog, please let this be it and set up your Authenticator app TODAY!

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