Latency issues – Do they know its 2020?

betfair latency issues
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Latency issues

Betfair has been aware that adobe is dropping support for the flash player this year, The CDN (content delivery network) that has been supplying Betfair with live video has dropped support for flash this week.

The issue with this is there is not yet a like for like alternative and as a result has meant huge increases in latency on Betfair live video.

This coupled with the bright idea to reduce the in-play delay on tennis to 3 seconds from 5 seconds makes it a much worse proposition for me to bet and trade with. As a result, I have put my £75k challenge on hold for the time being.

Firstly it was just Tennis that was affected, but as of yesterday, Horse racing has also suffered the same fate. The in-running delays on Horse racing are up to 8 seconds at ARC tracks and around 2 seconds on UK Racing TV tracks. Some Irish Racing TV tracks are as much as 4 seconds.

My biggest frustration is this whole issue was known about months ago. Betfair pinned a post on the forum explaining that they were working on a replacement solution back in August 2019. This has obviously rattled a few cages.

The past 24 hours has seen an influx of complaints to the Betfair customer service team via Twitter, live chat and on various forums and websites. There is a thread on the Betfair forum named ‘IN RUNNING RIP’. This may seem over the top but it has over 150 comments from frustrated punters.

Courtsiding the solution?

If Betfair doesn’t find a solution to the latency issues, fast, I can only see one option. Going to the events and betting live or having someone at the event and transmitting me live data. This is something I have done on many occasions in the past and wouldn’t mind doing it again. The only issues are the expenses and the tireless hours of travel.

If you live by any Tennis tournaments (excluding AUS open ) and are interested in courtsiding point data back to me for a profit share, please get in touch. Send me a DM on Twitter or Email me at I have listed the tournaments below that I would be interested in working with someone on in the next 2 months. (I have all the tech ready and it is tried and tested)

Cordoba, Montpellier, Pune, Rotterdam, Buenos Aires, New York, Rio, Delray Beach, Marseille, Acapulco, Dubai, Sao Paulo, Indian Wells or Miami.

If you live near or will be attending any of these tournaments get in touch. I will also look at WTA tournaments if you are interested.

What is your thought on these new latency issues? Let me know on Twitter.

Bookie Bashing

There has also been a lot of coverage and videos produced by Caan Berry regarding Mo Play and them shutting his account after a handful of winning bets. I understand people get frustrated and angry with these kinds of things but I just want to say my piece on the subject…

Firstly I think the gambling industry is in a very fragile place right now. There are lots of politicians and do-gooders looking to eradicate the industry altogether. These kinds of ‘movements’ by ‘industry influencers’ like Caan will do more harm than good in the long term.

I understand what Caan is trying to do and I have no issue with it. Putting out a controversial video that he knows will gather a lot of traction and views, which will ultimately lead to more sales of his products and more money in his pockets. His second most viewed video on his Youtube channel with almost 200k views is on a similar subject.

My advice in the short term is to milk each and every bookmaker for as much as you can, whether that be from Matched Betting with a service like Profit Accumulator or via value betting and arbing through a service like Rebel Betting. They won’t be there forever so take advantage before its too late.

Credit Card Ban

I have kind of gone away from my main subject of this post (latency issues) but just wanted to mention this very quickly. This week the gambling commission has announced a ban on all online gambling deposits via credit card.

Personally I think this is a bad thing and could be the start of the end.

Where do you draw the line? Sweets rot our teeth, should we ban them? Alcohol ruins lives, should we ban it? Unless people are accountable for their own actions, we will never make progress. If ‘they’ had it all there own way we would be allowed to do anything!

Anyway, that’s enough ranting, Ill be back over the weekend with my Australian open preview. Should be out Saturday.

Thanks for reading.


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