Bonus Accumulator Review 2020 – How I’ve made over £3000 in my first month.

What Is Bonus Accumulator
What is Bonus Accumulator?


We are in the middle of a global pandemic and here I am writing a website review… These are very worrying times and I hope you and your families are all well and keeping safe. On a brighter note, I have a treat for you today! I am going to share my thoughts on the new Bonus Accumulator website and explain how I have managed to profit £1567.21 in my first month.

What is Bonus Accumulator?

You may have heard about a website called Profit Accumulator? It was set up in 2014 by Sam Stoffel and has gone from strength to strength. Bonus Accumulator is the follow-up product from the Profit Accumulator team and has only been running around a month. I was one of the very first customers to sign up as a platinum member and haven’t looked back!

BA (Bonus Accumulator) has rapidly become the go-to website for finding all the very best casino and bingo offers. It has full guides and videos for each offer, enabling platinum members to extract maximum value from each offer.

I started adding up all of the +EV (+Expected Value) on the website but gave up when I got over £3000! That was just the Sign-up offers! On top of that, there are stacks of reload offers that are posted daily by the dedicated offers team.

Once you have signed up for BA you will see the dashboard screen (below) As you can see the offers are split into two categories, Sign up offers and reload offers. You can also see some tools like the Slot Simulator, Blackjack Calculator, Expected Value Calculator and The Profit Tracker. BA does not currently have a forum but does have a very active Facebook group with plenty of other platinum members and BA staff on hand to help you.

Bonus Accumulator Dashboard

How does Bonus Accumulator work?

Bookmakers and online casinos are always on the lookout for new customers, The market for new sign-ups is fierce and as a result, they need to offer something in return for you signing up.

Generally, they will offer a free bet or free spins on a slot, and often these offers can be very generous. The catch with these offers is you usually need to wager the bonus funds x amount of times. If you follow the advice on the Bonus Accumulator website, you can extract this ‘value’ and turn it into hard cash.

BA lists all current sign up bonuses with full, step by step, instructions and video guides on how to do extract the value in the most optimal way. The guides and videos are so user friendly, anyone can follow along and start to make money today.

You might be wondering how much money we are talking here, There is over £3500 worth of sign up offers and on top of that, daily reload offers. Keep reading to find out the difference!

Bonus Accumulator Sign up offers.

The BA sign up offers are the Kickstarter offers, so far they are the only offers I have been doing and I an only around 50% of the way through them. They are broken down by risk so firstly we have Risk Free, then the Low Risk offers, Followed by the Medium Risk, Then then the High Risk. There is also a category for risk-free, low probability offers. I’ve not got round to these yet.

Risk-free offers are fantastic for starting out, as long as you follow the BA guides you won’t go far wrong. The best part about the risk-free offers is you don’t need a lot of money to get started. I personally hit a few big wins when completing these offers which gave me the confidence to plough on with the higher risk ones!

The low-risk offers are a great stepping stone and have some great +EV. for example, there are multiple bookmaker offers which have over £40 +EV and all you need to complete them is a £10 deposit! Again I had some great wins in this section, special mention to Coral for my £267.21 Profit. (below)

Bonus Accumulator Coral Win

Once you have built a buffer from the risk-free and low risk offers you can move on to the medium and high-risk ones. These are generally higher risk but have a better chance of a bigger win. Over the course of hundreds of offers you complete, the +EV will work out. I am just starting to move onto these offers so will write a bit more about them in time.

Bonus Accumulator Reload Offers.

The Reload offer section at this precise moment has 63 different offers to get stuck into. Just glancing over the +EV’s I think they are worth around £300 in total. The best thing about these offers is they are constantly being updated with new offers from the bookmakers and casinos. by the time you get through the 63 listed, there will be another load to get stuck into.

If you want to use Bouns Accumulator to generate a second income then you need to be looking at the reload offers. Judging by what is there now I would hazard a guess that you will be able to make north of £500 a month from just the reload offers, every month!

They are a mix of risk-free, low-risk, medium and high-risk offers but you should not let that put you off. There is plenty of value to be extracted from these bookmaker and casino offers!

As you can see below (I have redacted the Bookmakers) each offer is broken down and can be ordered by any of the following, +EV, +EV per hour, Recommended bank size. When you click Offer details, full instructions on how to extract the most profit are clear and concise. Some offers even contain video guides.

Bonus Accumulator Reload Page

Bonus Accumulator Tools

These tools are generally to be used with any additional offers that bookmakers and casinos will send you from time to time. Using the Bonus Accumulator tools you can quickly work out if each offer is worth completing. You can work out the +/-EV, The time it will take and the time it will take per hour.

Slots Simulator

This is the first time I have seen such a tool, it is fantastic for working out if casino offers are worth doing. There is a great video on the Bonus Accumulator page that explains exactly how it works! Probably better than listening to me drone on!!

In a nutshell, the simulator will play out the parameters you tell it. For example, if you set it to roulette to either bet £10 on red or black (48.6%/48.6% and 2.8% 0), If you let it simulate this scenario once it will show as either winning £10 or losing £10. If you simulate it 1,000,000 times it will show a loss of around 28p as 2.8% of £10 is 28p.

This is a very basic example but when applied to slots with varying house edge it comes into its own. go and watch Sams video, he explains it better than me!

Slots Database

This is another great feature of the website, It is simple yet very helpful when trying to extract the maximum profits from casino offers. There are over 180 pages of different slot games in an easy-access database that show you what the RTP (Return to Player) for each game is. Again this is very helpful for use with E-mail invite offers.

Blackjack Calculator

The Bonus Accumulator blackjack calculator is great for completing offers which allow wagering on blackjack. Blackjack If played efficiently has one of the lowest house edges and is less than 0.5%. That is great news for us!

Bonus Accumulator Blackjack calculator

As you can see from the screenshot, you simply enter the card the dealer is showing and the two cards you are dealt. In this instance, the dealer is showing a 6 and we have a 4 and a 7. As you can see the Blackjack calculator is telling us to Double. When starting off with these offers I used this tool a lot but now I am confident I can play perfect blackjack I no longer need it. It is certainly good when you are new though.

Profit Tracker

Profit tracker does what it says, It tracks your profit and it very easy to use. As and when you complete an offer you simply enter the amount you won in the pop-up and click submit. This then keeps a detailed record of how you have performed over time.

It also compares your actual progress to the EV progress on an easy to read chart. All the data in the profit tracker is kept in your bonus accumulator account online so you can access it from any device. If you are like me and like to drill down further into the numbers you can download all the data into an excel sheet to do as you please.

EV Calculator

This tool enables you to work out the Expected Value from an offer, you can use it to work out deposit bonuses, ie deposit £10 get £20 bonus, wager 10 times. General bonuses and Free spin bonuses. As you can see from the screenshot below I have set it up to 20 free spins valued at 20p each and I need to wager the winnings 5 times before I can withdraw. I have assumed the slot we are going to play has an RTP of 95% and you can see there is a +EV of around £2.85 from this offer. There are better explanations and video guides on the BA website.

Bonus Accumulator EV Calculator

Bonus Accumulator Facebook group

Back in 2014 when I first became a member of Profit accumulator, long before the days of the PA forum was the PA Facebook group. It seems that Bonus Accumulator is following in the same footsteps. Im sure at some point in the near future they will add a dedicated Bonus Accumulator Forum but until then we have the Facebook group.

keeping in mind that Bonus Accumulator is only a month old there are currently 1322 members of the group and it is growing every day. Im sure after reading this you will join the platinum membership and also become a member!

On a serious note, t is a great place to ask any questions you may have and just generally chat about all things Bonus Accumulator! There is a great team of admins and a great community feel as a whole. don’t be afraid to ask anything. Im sure someone will answer and try and help you very promptly. I look forward to seeing you there!

Bonus Accumulator User Forum

The BA forum is a great tool that enables users to communicate with each other and discuss specific offers. This is great as most of the time you can find the answer to your question via the search function.

Bonus Accumulator Review - forum

As you can see the offers are spit out, firstly by risk level and then by each individual offer. This is such a handy tool and has only been added today. (12/05/2020) this shows BA’s commitment to always improving the service.

How much does Bonus Accumulator cost?

There are two membership options to gain access to the platinum membership,

Monthly at £17.99 – This can be cancelled anytime but please bear in mind that this payment will reoccur monthly.

Annually at £150 – This can also be cancelled anytime and is the better value of the two options.

My advice is to sign up to the monthly option first, Bonus Accumulator may not be for everyone so have a look, get on with the sign up offers and they decide if you are going to stick with it and make it a part of your longer-term income plan.

It is also worth noting that you can upgrade to the annual pricing at any time from your dashboard. If you are going to stick with Bonus Accumulator long term it is defiantly worth doing this as you will save yourself over £65 a year.

What are the alternatives to Bonus Accumulator?

There is another site that I am familiar with called Team profit, I was a member briefly before joining BA. They are similar but on a much much smaller scale. They only have a fraction of the offers BA does and I found their support to be non-existent. Needless to say, I was only a member for 1 month.

There are similar websites like Profit Accumulator which have a section on casino offers but that’s all they have. If you are serious about making money there is no real alternative in my opinion at this stage. I do expect others to try and challenge BA in the future but I would be surprised if they end up being serious competitors.

Bonus Accumulator FAQ

Does Bonus Accumulator actually work?

I am 100% sure it works, I have tested it out over the last month and made £1567.21 If that’s not proof that it works then I’m not sure what is!

Is Bonus Accumulator a scam?

Like I said in the very beginning, Bonus Accumulator is the follow-up product from Profit Accumulator, Profit Accumulator has had over 100,000 paying customers over the last 6 years, me being one of them.

How much money do I need to start?

You can begin the risk-free and low-risk offers with as little as £20 but I would suggest putting between £50-£100 aside to work your way through the offers faster.

How much money can I make with Bonus Accumulator?

Initially, you should make between £1000 and £2000 in your first month or so, After that it depends on how time and effort you want to put in. Spending 10 minutes a day I would expect to make about £300-£500 a month. if you spend 1-2 hours a day I expect this to be at least £1000 a month. Some members will make a lot more than this.

Is Bonus Accumulator Illegal?

No, as long as you are 18 or over it is 100% legal. It is just a way of using mathematics to sway the odds in your favour.

Will It affect my credit score?

No, transactions will not affect your credit score although it may be a good idea to keep your personal money separate from any BA money. My advice is to run it like a business and keep detailed records.

Does it matter if I have accounts with all the bookmakers and casinos?

No, It won’t stop you completing all the reload offers – Roughly £500-£700 profit per month. It will just mean you cant do a lot of the sign-up offers.

Can I do it on my phone?

A lot of the offers can be done on mobile but I would advise you to try and complete them on either a laptop, PC or tablet. If you are serious about making this a second income you should invest in a laptop. Treat it like a business, invest in your success.

How much does It cost?

The monthly price for a full platinum membership is £17.99. Or as little as £12.50 if you pay annually. This is a drop in the ocean compared to what you can earn. If you do decide to sign up through this article I will get a small commission. I think its a fair deal! I have shown you how to make a decent second income!


If you have read to here there is a very good chance you are interested in becoming a Platinum member at Bonus Accumulator. I can’t stress enough how you should just take the plunge. I have spent around 25 hours so far on completing offers and as you now have made over £1500 profit. That’s over £60 per hour! More than most company directors! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

If you have any questions or need any help, please comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I would also really appreciate it and it would help me out if you could share this article on your socials so your friends can also make a second income!

Thanks so much for reading and make sure you come back! I will be posting Progress updates every month!

Bonus Accumulator Update 1st May 2020

I wanted to give a quick update on my progress with Bonus Accumulator and will try and give a monthly one. I have been a member for just over a month now and my profit stands at £1952.61. Finding BA when I did was a godsend as the money will go somewhat to replacing the income I would have made from Tennis Trading and Betting.

I have now completed 90% of the risk-free offers and have done some of the low-risk ones. I will no doubt be making my way through them over the next month. I have started looking daily at the reload offers and am going to start spending around 30 minutes a day doing as many of them as I can.

As far as targets are concerned for the month of may I want to get through the £3000 total mark, and broken down this is only an average of £33.80 a day. Im sure I will be able to achieve that between the reloads on-site and the E-mail offers plus some other sign up ofers.

If you have any questions or need any help please comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I see the comment.

Bonus Accumulator Update 5th May 2020

I can’t believe I am back updating this page after just 5 days but after hitting my May target already I thought I should update you! I planned on spending around 30 minutes a day trying to make around £1000 in a month but something great has happened!

I have already made my target of £1000 for the month and there are 25 days left to go! Amongst some reloads and smaller sign up offers I decided to tackle two of the higher risk offers. One was deposit £100 get £100 bonus and the other was wager £1000 and get £50 cash. Firstly, I made a profit of £611.30 and I have just finished the second offer and made another £326.50.

I won’t name the companies yet as the money is not in my bank account but what a few days! My bankroll is standing at over £3000 now and these offers have given me the confidence to push on and try and get through the £4000 mark this month!

I strongly suggest you head over to the Bonus Accumulator page and take the plunge. At just £17.99 a month its tremendous value!

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