Gruss Software Review 2020 – Best for Inplay?

Gruss Software
Gruss Trading screen

What is Gruss Software?

Gruss Software is one of the better knows Betfair API applications available on the market. It connects you straight into the Betfair API to allow a faster and more dynamic connection to the server. Gruss is lightweight by design and is the goto application for many traders and punters that bet in-running.

I have used Gruss software for a number of years if I am betting on a tablet or laptop. Some other applications like Bet Angel are more demanding of raw graphics power and therefore not ideal to use on the go.

The Betfair website typically updates every few seconds while Gruss can update up to 50 times a second. This is obviously a huge advantage when betting in fast-moving markets like a live horse race.

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How Much does Gruss cost?

The price starts at an incredible £60 for 12 months licence or at just £6 per month if you want to pay monthly. I pay via Paypal and it automatically takes the money every month. Payments can also be made via Skrill and Neteller.

I am sure after you have read the rest of this review that you will agree that that is an astonishing price for the functionality included in the product.

The even better news is you can have full access for the first 30 days, totally free of charge. You can download your copy of Gruss HERE.

Who uses Gruss software?

As I have alluded to, up until a few years back most of the Gruss users would have been in play traders, in recent times more and more users are using Gruss to bet and trade pre-event. It was one of the first API products to market and for that reason has a vast customer base.

Here are some Testimonials from existing Gruss users.

Michael R, Nottingham, UK.

“I’ve been extremely impressed with Betting Assistant which has become the only interface I use with Betfair. The program is extremely solid and reliable and is continually being improved with new features almost weekly. Communication and support are superb with a good knowledgeable support base through their forum. Often new requests are implemented almost immediately. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this software to anyone; it gives a new definition to the word professionalism. And all this for only £6 a month.”


“I’ve used Gruss almost every day over the past three years, trading in over 7000 markets a year. Most of this has been by way of automated algorithms I’ve created in Excel and the rest using the excellent ladder interface and trading in-play tennis matches manually. The software has been a joy to use and easily customised to my own requirements. There is no doubt that no other commercially available software would have allowed me to make the substantial income I have been enjoying over this time.”


“For the past 18 months, 7 days a week, and at least 10 hours per day, I have relied solely upon BA to place bets unattended in horse racing markets using my Excel sheets. BA is rock solid and I have 100% confidence in trusting my finances to it. Can I also add that the forum with its quality of discussion, the willingness by members to help others, and Gary’s timely responses, is superb.”

Gruss Software – One-click Screen Overview

The One-click screen on Gruss is similar to the screen you will find on the Betfair website, however, you have full control over what information you want to be displayed and what you want each button to do.

As you can see below, This is my One-click screen for betting on horses. I have all the information I need to make quick and informed decisions during a race.

Gruss Software
Gruss Trading screen

Gruss Custom Column Overview

As you can see in the image above I use a multitude of custom columns on the one-click screen. They’re arguably the best feature in Gruss for me. In a fast-moving market speed of execution is paramount.

Custom columns are very easy to set up in the application and are saved to each profile on exiting the program. There is an option to include master columns that can set off multiple bets with the single click of a button.

For example, If you wanted to Back a Horse 10 ticks below the current price with £100 and offset hedge £50, at 50% lower price that is possible. They really are a powerful tool, used correctly in the right markets can be very lucrative.

Ladder interface Overview

The ladder interface within the Gruss software allows you to see a wider range of the true market depth. Whilst Trading tennis matches I always use a ladder interface as it makes over and under reactions easier to spot and take advantage of.

I would also assume most pre-event traders use the ladder interface. There are great settings in Gruss to allow you to see where the money is being matched and at what prices at a glance. This is vital in trying to define traded ranges and looking for support and resistance points within a market.

Take a look at the video below of professional trader Steve Howe trading a market on the Gruss ladder interface.

Gruss Software and Excel

Gruss has a great function in that you can link an Excel worksheet to the application and literally write code to automate your betting or trading. The developers have created a lot of custom commands that can be used in Excel to trigger bets. For example ‘BACK’ will place a back bet, ‘LAY’ a lay bet. There is a full list of Excel commands available below.

Gruss software for Betdaq

Gruss also have a Betdaq version, It is slightly less functional with some functions not available that are in the Betfair version. However, It is completely FREE! I suggest you download it and have a little look around. If it is something you can see yourself using then fantastic. If not you have lost nothing!


For me, Gruss is a great piece of kit and for just £6 a month it is silly not subscribing. It doesn’t really have any revolutionary features like some other Betfair trading applications but it certainly has its uses.

It is not my number one Trading software but it is certainly in my top 3.

I hope you have enjoyed this review, If you have any questions please leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you are on Twitter, be sure to give me a follow to be notified of new content!

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