Tennis Spread Betting guide for 2020 season

Tennis Spread Betting
Risk v Reward

Tennis Spread Betting – Fully explained

In this article, you will find out exactly what tennis spread betting is, how you can use it and what to avoid. I started using Spreadex about 3 years ago when I stumbled upon an edge in the total games markets. That edge is still profitable to this day!

Before I go into detail about the tennis spread betting markets available, I first want to explain what spread betting is. If you are aware, skip to the tennis spread betting markets section below.

What is Spread Betting?

Spread betting is a fast-paced alternative to traditional sports betting. The main difference between the two is with spread betting, the more right you are the more you can win. However the more wrong you are, the more you can lose!

Take a look at this example bet calculator below from Spreadex. Have a plat with the slider function and you will be able to see your max risk and max reward. You can change the stake and change whether you want to BUY or SELL.

Spread Betting – Example

As an example, select ‘Man City v Liverpool Bookings’ from the drop-down and a £10 stake. The spread midpoint is currently 40 so Spreadex is offering 38 – 42 spread.

Now if we think there will be less than 38 bookings points we would sell at 38. Move the slider to 30, if there where 30 booking points in this match we would win £80 profit. If there where no bookings at all we would win £380. On the other hand, if there where 60 bookings points we would lose £220.

If we think there are likely to be more than 42 bookings points in the match we would buy at 42. If the match ended up on 85 booking points we will win £430 profit. At the other end of the spectrum, if there are no booking points we would lose £420.

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Tennis spread betting – Total games.

For me, I only really play in one market and that is the Total games market. for example, If we have two players with a strong hold % and weak break % playing against each other, preferably on a hard, fast court, there may be a chance that the spread is slightly low.

For example, Ivo Karlovic is playing John Isner on grass. The fixed odds market may price over 26 games around the 1.91 whilst the spread midpoint is sat at say 27.5. You know there can’t really be 16 games but there is a good chance it will go 3 sets and end over the 28 games we need for a profit. More than likely be a lot more if it was to go three sets.

It is always worth checking the best fixed-odds prices on a site like oddschecker and comparing them to the spread prices. Often there will be discrepancies where you can get your self into a good value position.

Tennis spread betting – Supremacy

I don’t really get involved with Tennis supremacy betting. However, I thought I needed to touch on it as it is arguably the most popular of tennis spread betting markets.

Match Supremacy – This is calculated as follows – The winner gets 10 points and a further 5 points for every set won by. For example, if player A beats Player B by 3 sets to 1, then make-up is Player A/PlayerB: +20 (10+5×2).

Game supremacy – This is calculated as follows – If Player A wins 6-4 6-3 6-4 the market will settle at (18-11)=7 in favour of Player A. If Player B wins 6-0 6-3 6-2 the market will settle at (5-18)= -13 to Player B.

Both these examples are markets in which can have a negative mark up.

For more information, take a look at the video below.

Best Spread betting companies

For me, I have always used Spreadex but I also have an account with Sporting Index. They are usually very close in terms of the prices they both offer but I prefer the user interface and mobile app that Spreadex offer.

They currently have a promotion on where you can get up to £300 cashback or a FREE Ipad. (terms and conditions apply) Take a look and see if the offer is still on by clicking HERE.

You can also take a look at the Spreadex Trustpilot page here and see what customers have to say about them. At the time of writing, they had 91% of votes either excellent or great. That’s quite astonishing in the sports betting industry!

Advantages of spread betting

The ability to be able to buy and sell positions means you are able to trade a market and build a position as the event unfolds. Whether that means you are making a profit when in a good position or minimizing your risk when things start to turn.

Typically spread betting companies will take larger stakes and not limit you as fast as most of the high street bookmakers when you are winning. They will even provide you with credit if you’re in a solid financial state.

Provides another string to your betting Arsenal – I typically only do about 5% of my betting activity on the spreads but I like a diverse portfolio to protect against any exterior influences.

Vast amounts of markets and sports to bet and trade on. You can even buy and sell currency and stocks and shares listed on most major exchanges.

Spread Betting Glossary

Stake – How much you win or lose for every point movement in the market.

Buy – Buy is what you do when you think the price will go up or to close a sell position for either a profit or a loss.

Sell – You Sell a market if you think the price quote will fall or to close a Buy position for a profit or a loss.

Market Close / Make up – This is the final price the market is settled at.

Deposit – The funds you outlay to strike a bet.

Margin – The amount required to place a bet – This is determined by the volatility of the market and any credit limit you have in place.

P&L – Profit and Loss, How much you have made or lost in a market, timeframe or lifetime of your account.

Settlement – The Process of your position closing against the Market make up.

Sports Trading Limit – The total of funds +/- and winnings from open and closed bets. (+credit limit in some cases)

Spread – The difference between the Buy/Sell or Bid/Offer.

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