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2020 road to success
the road is long but clear


20/20 vision is a term used to express normal visual acuity (the clarity or sharpness of vision) measured at a distance of 20 feet. My 2020 vision is slightly different! I have decided to create a tennis trading blog where I can share my thoughts, insights and statistical information with like-minded people.

Trading tennis is a tough and demanding job and its something I have been doing in a full-time capacity for the last several years. Every year between the end of the tour finals and Christmas I try to get away and spend some time with family and friends. This year is no different! I have however managed to allocate some time into setting up this blog and website.

I have fairly big plans for this tennis trading blog and have a lot to say. I imagine time will become a limiting factor but here is the plan… I plan on releasing a detailed blog post at the start of each week, explaining my thoughts on that week’s tournament(s) along with my reasons.

I would also like to get to a stage where I can then provide a recap closer to the end of the week on how my thoughts played out. I will in time create some social media accounts so we can have some dialogue and discussion.

What do I get from the tennis trading blog?

In all honesty, I am not sure if writing will help or hinder me and my trading results. On one hand, it is another task on my ever-growing list of obligations. On the other, it may be a place for me to relax and communicate with other market participants and may provide an opportunity or two.

In terms of the content I plan on releasing, it will always remain 100% free. You may, however, notice the odd affiliate link for some services and companies I use on a daily basis. This is purely to help cover the running costs of the website and I hope you are fine with that.

What Is The Plan?

Being totally honest I am stuck in a bit of a rut, I am averaging about 2-4k a month profit and feel now is the time to either really push on and make that number 10-15k a month or find something else to do. As you can see from the below Betfair screenshot I had a fairly slow end to the year managing just £5.2k in the last 10 weeks of the season. (196 matches)

tennis trading blog 2019 results

Moving forward I have decided to give myself some targets and in order to feel accountable and reduce slippage, I am going to record my weekly profit and loss on this tennis trading blog.

My goal is to earn double what I did in 2019 so that means I need to earn £61,000 between January and mid-November. In real terms, I will need to earn closer to £75,000 to account for charges.

I don’t think having specific weekly or monthly targets is good practice in the sports trading field as you are more likely to chase shortfalls and play too loose when winning. Instead, I am simply going to post a weekly total along with a screenshot of my Betfair profit and loss screen.

I am aware that some people won’t like me posting results but I think full transparency in showing both winning and losing weeks is more than fair.

Have a great Christmas and I will be back before the new year with my ATP cup thoughts!

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