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Tennis Trading Blog

Week 1 Results

Below is the results from my first weeks trading in the £200 – £75,000 challenge. I ended up winning £519.43 and the balance now stands at £719.43. I posted the below result on Twitter and had a fantastic response.

Here are a few questions I was asked –

Are you upping your stakes as your bank increases? Yes, first I plan on getting the trading bank to the £1500 – 2000 mark before upping my stakes.

Are they more scalp or swing trades? They are a mixture of both, The swing trades are the once that I have pre-planned on my trading plan. If I spot a scalping opportunity whilst watching a market I may also get involved.

How much is the liability for matches? Each situation is different in that the more confident I am the bigger I will risk.

Tennis Trading Blog week 1

What went well?

I managed to follow most of my trading rules in that I only bet on horses and stuck to my tennis trading plan. I didn’t look at my P&L during sessions or even on a day to day basis and the best thing I did was moved on once I had a decent profit on each match.

I was determined to ‘not lose’ and by this I mean all I wanted to do was ‘protect my trading bank’ It seemed to work very well and something I want to keep in mind for the full duration of this challenge.

When I did have some losses, they didn’t affect my thought process and I didn’t go on ’tilt’.

I managed to make £58.45 extra doing some matched betting offers. You can have a look at my post on that HERE.

What didn’t go well?

I did manage to break a few of my rules, I did trade 1 WTA match that wasn’t on my trading plan (Ended up winning £7) and I also traded a few ATP Doha matches that I didn’t have access to a live stream for. These are my two focus points for this week.

Tennis Trading Blog – Week 2.

This week sees two tournaments in the southern hemisphere, ATP Auckland and a new tournament in Adelaide.

Looking back at last years data I make ATP Auckland a very fast-paced surface, around 4% faster than the ATP average. For this reason, I expect the conditions to suit serve orientated players.

It’s worth remembering this when formulating your trading plans. In terms of an outright bet, I’m not really keen on anyone at this stage but if I was forced to make a selection I wouldn’t be put off by John Isner around the 10/1 mark.

As Adelaide is a new tournament on the tour I don’t have any surface data to call upon. It will be a bit of a watching game for the first day or so before I get too involved.

Australian Open Preview

I am planning on writing a detailed Australian open preview and maybe sharing some of my trading plans with you all. If this is something you like the sound of please let me know.

Thanks for reading, Ace…

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