Your Ultimate Guide to Football Index

Football Index

Your Ultimate Guide to Football Index

Football Index is a revolutionary new betting product, designed to mimic live markets and enable football fans to win or lose by trading on the value of their favourite football players. 

Much like commodities markets, such as oil or gold, the price of each footballer rises and falls based on real trading demand, which is linked to the real match performance of that player. So, if players perform well on the pitch, demand increases, as does their price. Not only that, players you invest in can earn you dividends when they play well. 

For example, if you decide to buy shares in Harry Kane, you will earn a dividend if he scores a goal. Not only that, other traders will take note, invest in him and his share price will increase. Your shares are now worth more than they were when you purchased them. 

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How to make a profit on Football Index

It’s mid-August, the sun is blazing and the first game of the season is just about to kick off. The countless blogs and articles you have spent all summer reading have featured the usual players to watch. Kane. Aguero. Aubameyang. 

But you know more than the pundits. You know the football league gems about to step up to the Premier League. You know that unknown South American player who simply does not have the quality to cut it on English soil. 

Let’s explore how established players and hidden gems can make you money. 

Football Index – Dividends

Rule one of trading is buying low and selling high. Clearly, you cannot do that for the world’s best players who already cost a pretty penny. So how do you make money off their stellar performances? Dividends. By investing in a player that delivers on and off the pitch, you can create a yield. 

There are three types of Dividends:

  1. Media Dividends are paid out on the top three players in the Football Index Media Rankings for that day. The rankings are based on various news feeds and determine which players have had the most mentions.
  1. Match Day Dividends are paid out on the best players in  four categories; goalkeeper/defender, midfielder, forward and star player. Match Day Rankings are determined by lots of different performance attributes including everything shots to ball recoveries to aerial duel wins. 
  1. In Play Dividends are only awarded in the first 30 days of owning shares and are awarded for goals, assists and clean sheets. It’s important to consider the fixture list when buying shares to maximize the opportunity for In Play Dividends. 

It’s almost a self-fulfilling prophecy in that the media talks about the best players who tend to play more games and perform well on the pitch. But remember, you need to own shares in the players to be rewarded, which requires an upfront investment. 

Buying and selling

If you don’t have the capital for an upfront investment, there is a more profitable, higher risk way of making money. Buying hidden gems or young talents is cheaper than buying Ballon D’Or contenders, but may take longer to return a profit. If a player is cheap, it means they haven’t attracted investor attention yet, which is an indicator of low playing time or lack of goals, assists, clean sheets and therefore, dividends. 

Don’t fret, that’s absolutely fine. There’s nothing more satisfying than making a large profit on a player you spotted first. 

You are able to sell instantly, or sell as a future, where you can put futures for sale at the current buy price, meaning you don’t pay the spread. This is advantageous, but requires the players to increase for you to sell. 


Speed kills 

By moving quicker than other traders, you can get the most value out of players and ensure your investment goes further. Take time to find different sources for football news and identify who breaks news first, reliably. Most football fans use the same football media, so make sure you’re getting it quicker than everybody else. If you know about transfers or injuries, you can make a reasonable assumption about future starting lineups.

Speed kills – A similar way to utilise speed is by guessing on who is due to make a big transfer. 

A transfer to a big club will propel a player profile into the spotlight and attract other investors. You don’t necessarily need the player to perform well at his new club, you just need other investors to think he will. Bruno Fernandes is a living example of this, who is the second most expensive player after recently securing his move to Man Utd. 

Long Play

Youth teams and youth championships are a great place to find out who can cut it among the elite young players of modern football. Thumbing back through the annals of the 2019 European U21 Championships, there are quite a few notable names. One such name is Luca Waldschmidt, who netted seven times for Germany U21s during the tournament. Since then, he has received three senior Germany call ups, has been linked to Chelsea and his Football Index price has almost doubled. Jadon Sancho is also worth 2.5x what he was worth last year. 


One of the 19/20 season’s success stories has been Erling Braut Haaland, who moved to Borussia Dortmund in January. His price has doubled from a flat £3.10 per share to £6.18 as of February 2020, thanks to his marvelous performances in the Champions League and Bundesliga. His flurry of goals would have given opportunistic investors healthy In Play Dividends after notching five goals before the end of his first month at the German club. With the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona now chasing the striker, his price could yet rise further. 


James Rodriguez’s career probably peaked at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The attacking midfielder has struggled to shine on the world stage, despite spending the last two seasons on loan at Bayern Munich. 

At 28, he is still very capable of dominating world football, if he can showcase the talent we have all seen before. His share price hasn’t been above £2 per share since May 2019, despite James lifting two Bundesliga trophies and making 20+ appearances in each season. Perhaps a move to the Premier League will invigorate his career and the English media help his share price along.

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